Saturday, 29 September 2012

Bits and Pieces

Hi all, sorry I have not posted in a long time, everything just got a bit hectic and crazy as it usually is towards the end of a term, But I am finally on a two week break!!!! now I get to focus on relaxing, catching up with friends, and working on Miniatures!
I have finally put the undercoat on the shop, and I will be painting the colours on soon. 
I just thought I would put up a few photos of some of the things I have collected for the shop.
Most things I got Given as a gift, Like this table, it has a clearer photo down the bottom, but it is very pretty!!!
It has some very cute things on it, on the end, where the lace is, is a tiny pair of women's shoes, with a small heel, then up on the table you will find, A small pair of seamstress glasses, some scissors, a measuring tape, and lots of other little things, Its so cute how people put so much thought into making miniature things like that!

Here I have a cash register, Thread and Ribbon, some more gifts I recieved, We thought it would be a good idea to put life size thread there, just to show how little the miniature thread is, is in comparison to the ball of thread.

Here is a more detailed photo of the table, unfortunately the glasses are hard to see, but they are there on top of the tape measure. 

I will be getting the lights to go in soon, but mum will do that for me as I probably would be no good!! I will post after I have painted the shop and show you some more of my collection of things!!
mimi xoxo