Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Hey everyone, just deciding what tone of paints I should use on the shop,
Im thinking a sort of, French Grey, here are some paint samples Im looking at, I would appreciate any thoughts....

I plan to paint it all on the coming weekend, then mum will help me do the lighting, I will report back a little later and show you some miniatures I have from the shop.
Mimi xoxo

Monday, 6 August 2012

Hey Everyone!!
Im just getting started on the miniature shop that my mum Fi from 'Passion for Miniatures' Gave me.
Im just in the middle of deciding the colour Scheme.
I've decided it will be a 'Ladies Emporium' predominately Haberdashery, but with other ladies items like perfumes, dresses, and handbags.
I hope you enjoy Following my progress.

Heres the before shot ;)

Mimi x