Monday, 6 August 2012

Hey Everyone!!
Im just getting started on the miniature shop that my mum Fi from 'Passion for Miniatures' Gave me.
Im just in the middle of deciding the colour Scheme.
I've decided it will be a 'Ladies Emporium' predominately Haberdashery, but with other ladies items like perfumes, dresses, and handbags.
I hope you enjoy Following my progress.

Heres the before shot ;)

Mimi x


  1. Hi Mimi!

    It's great to see you are getting started at last. I know you have lots of great ideas.

    ML Mum xx

  2. La tienda se ve preciosa, así que cuando esté decorada será una maravilla!! Te deseo muchísimas suerte con este nuevo y fascinante proyecto!!

    Un fuerte abrazo desde Sevilla!!

  3. Muchas gracias!
    Tengo muchas ganas de hacer mi tienda!
    Y voy a buscar a tu blog en busca de inspiración, sin duda!
    abrazos Mimi

  4. Hi Mia,
    I'm so happt to have found your blog. Wow, I just love the structure. It's a beautiful building and I can't wait to see you transform it.
    Welcome to miniblog Land!
    Big hug,

  5. Hi Mimi, nice to meet you! I am a follower of your mus blog, so I thought I go and see your blog. This shop is wonderful, it is great to start with making miniatures. I'll follow the process.
    Greetings, Ilona

  6. Thank you too all of you for joining my blog!! i hope i can keep you very interested with my project!!
    Mimi x

  7. Hi Mia,

    The shop looks like its going to be a great project. Haberdashery shops always have lots of interesting little things inside them!! Wishing you the very best for your project!

    I know your mum will be giving you lots of advice!

    Andy x

    1. Thanks Andy!
      I've seen the shop that you have made and i really like it so i will look for inspiration!

      Mimi x
      P.S i like Mr Buxton

  8. Hi, Mimi!

    I follow your mom's blog, too, and I could have SWORN I left a congratulatory note earlier, but I see that was not the case. Pardon my blooper!

    Anyway, good luck with your shop, I have no doubt it will be lovely! And belated congrats on your blog launch!

    All the best,